IOC Certificate: Safeguarding Officer in Sport

Student Progression & Award

The following standards will apply:

  • Students who achieve a Pass with an average mark of 60% or more over the course will receive the IOC Certificate: Safeguarding Officer in Sport

Students who fail to achieve a satisfactory performance in any aspect of the assessment will be offered an opportunity to re-take the relevant assessment components as follows:

  • Any student who fails to achieve the marks required to allow them to pass a part of the program will be offered¬†one¬†opportunity to repeat the part via additional assignment completion and/or re-sit the examination as required.
  • A student who is required to submit any missed assignments to bring their mark up to a pass level must do so within a timescale that allows the program to be completed within five years of the initial enrolment date
  • The assignment(s) to be submitted will NOT be the same as those originally set. This may incur an additional fee, which will be set annually.
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