IOC Diploma in Strength and Conditioning

Student Progression & Award

Student progression and award

Students must obtain a satisfactory mark in each element of the Program to be eligible to graduate.

For the purposes of this Program, an aggregate mark of 50% will be required to achieve a pass.

Students who achieve a pass mark will be eligible to graduate with the IOC Diploma in Strength and Conditioning.

Students who achieve an aggregate mark of 75% or more will be eligible to graduate with distinction.

Appeals process

Any student who is not satisfied with any aspect of the program, including the outcome of any formal assessment, may appeal in the first instance to the Module Tutor. If a mutually acceptable outcome is not achieved, the matter will be referred to an Appeals Committee comprising one of the Program Directors and not fewer than three members of the Academic Advisory Board, who will then review the relevant materials. Their decision will be final.

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