IOC Diploma in Strength and Conditioning

Assessments and Assignments

Assessment will be through two written assignments and a formal examination. The assessment procedures are designed to ensure that students develop a range of skills and knowledge as outlined under ‘Intended Learning Outcomes’.

Two written assignments will be formally assessed. These assignments are an integral part of the Program and are designed to complement the taught material. Assignments take different forms, to give students experience of preparing written work in different formats. The marks awarded will contribute to 50% of the final mark for the Program. Full details of assignments will be provided in the course material that accompanies each module, and on the Program Website. Assignments will be submitted by the deadline in electronic form via the Program website.

A short multiple-choice question quiz will be posted on the Course website at the end of each module to provide an opportunity for self-assessment of the topics included in that module. The marks for this quiz will not count towards the assessment.

An online written examination covering all aspects of the course will be completed at the end of the course. This paper will contribute to 50% of the final mark.

All assignments and examination papers will be marked by a Program Director or by the Director’s designated deputy. Students will be provided with written feedback on their performance in all assignments within 28 days of the submission date and will receive their examination mark within 28 days of the examination date. The Academic Advisory Board will have an opportunity to see all written work.

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