IOC Diploma in Mental Health in Elite Sport

Assessments & Assignments

Assessment will be through assignments and examinations for the Mental Health Diploma program. The assessment procedures are designed to ensure that students develop a range of skills and knowledge. Full details of assignment and examination requirements will be provided during the program.

Assessment will include:

  • Two written assignments, approximately 300-1500 words per assignment. These assignments will be formally assessed. The marks awarded will contribute one half to the final mark.
  • A written examination, covering all aspects of the program, to be completed at the end of the program. This examination will contribute one half to the final mark.

Written assignments must be submitted before the deadlines that will be provided. These assignments are an integral part of the program and are designed to complement the educational material in each module.

The Academic Advisory Board for the program will also have an opportunity to read all written work and will be encouraged to engage with the assessment process.

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