IOC Certificate in Mental Health in Elite Sport

Program Structure

The Certificate program is offered by Distance Learning.  Students may sign up for and begin the program at any time and take any amount of time to complete it that they wish.

Delivery of the program will involve a variety of teaching methods, including lectures in electronic format, web-based reading materials, and an on-line discussion forum.

  • The program will consist of six lectures in electronic format, supported by directed private study.
  • Lectures will consist of computer-based lectures by leading experts in the field and will incorporate self-assessment elements where appropriate.
  • Students are provided with a portfolio of reading material in electronic format.
  • The program will include a formal examination to be completed by students if a certificate of completion is desired.  If no official certificate is desired, participants may simply choose to participate in any aspects of this curriculum, without taking the examination, as they see fit.
  • Students and lecturers will have access to an online discussion forum where interactive discussion on relevant topics can take place. All students are encouraged to engage with this forum and to play an active role in the discussions.
Alumni from around the globe