Class of 2021

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Elidy Wangeci

City & country of residence
Nairobi, Kenya

My work
Fitness Nutrition Specialist

My current sports nutrition practice
Athletics, Shotokan Karate, Rugby,Bodybuilding,Swimming

My goals in sports nutrition
I want to apply the science of sports nutrition to fuel fitness and athletic performance by creating customized sports nutrition programs for Kenyan individual athletes, sports teams and organizations/federations for optimal competition at global stage.

My own sporting background
Played field hockey to pro level for 18 years and currently training for my 4th Degree Black belt in Karate

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
Representing Kenya in junior athletics while in college and winning national championships with Sliders Hockey club.

Other things of interest about me
History, travelling and engagement in policy formulation

Highlights of my year
Being able to mentor upcoming young athletes into attaining their potential at the global stage.