Class of 2020

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Charlene Pors

City & country of residence
Revelstoke, Canada

My work
Registered Dietitian

My current sports nutrition practice
I work with athletes of all ages and sport through my private practice, whether that is online or in person.

My goals in sports nutrition
My goal is to apply my enhanced knowledge on sports nutrition to educate athletes on proper nutrition to better there overall sports performance and wellness.

My own sporting background
While I played soccer competetively when I was younger - now I engage in daily weights, running, hiking, yoga, biking, or snowboarding. I enjoy pretty much every sport out there!

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
When Donovan Bailey won the gold medal for canada 100m in 1996 olympics

Other things of interest about me
I have a passion for cooking and I am a self proclaimed foodie. I love to travel the world, and enjoy exploring the outdoors and it's many beauties.

Highlights of my year
Starting my private practice