Class of 2018

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Audrey-Ann Lemay

City & country of residence
Chernex, Switzerland

My work
Dietitian in a sport center (Fitness Parc Migros)

My current sports nutrition practice
I work with young athletes in different sports to have them consider the importance of nutrition for sport performances and health (CSEL Lausanne)

My goals in sports nutrition
Helping professionnal athletes to reach their goals and develop themselves to their highest potential.

My own sporting background
I played soccer/football at a competition level for many years. Now I pratice different endurance sports (marathon, cycling, triathlon, trail running, mountain sports, fitness, scuba diving, etc.)

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
When I ran to the finish line of Lausanne Marathon last year ! It was such a good feeling !

My favourite foods
Asian food

Other things of interest about me
Travelling the world !

Highlights of my year
Becoming a mother :)