Class of 2012

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Peter Stenberg

City & country of residence
Löddeköpinge, Sweden

My work
I currently work as a product specialist in the area of infant nutrition. I have been working at the University Hospital of Lund as a clinical dietitian mostly with head/neck cancer patients.

My current sports nutrition practice
Besides working as a product specialist I also work at Malmö Sports Academy. About 50 elite athletes have a scholarship which they can spend on physiotherapy, travelling, mental training, different tests and nutrition guidance.

My goals in sports nutrition
I strive to build a good foundation of knowledge in order to develop my expertise and guidance methods. I hope to be able to do some research and teaching in the future.

My own sporting background
Former soccer player. I stop playing soccer when I was 18 years old and started lifting weights instead. I try to do some hiking, running, interval training, swimming and weight lifting just to keep myself in shape and for fun.

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
When Thomas Ravelli saved Romania´s penalty in the quarter final in the World Cup ´94. Zidane´s volley shot in the Champions League final 2001.

My favourite foods
Meat! Nuts! Chocolate! (Chocolate do count as food, right?!)