Class of 2012

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Rowena Visagie (nee Curr)

City & country of residence
Cape Town, South Africa

My work
Currently taking a sabbatical to support my husband while he does a fellowship in Canada. I previously ran two dietetic practices in South Africa focusing on Sports Nutrition. I plan to return to South Africa at the end of 2011.

My goals in sports nutrition
I would like to go back to consulting sports teams and individuals from amateur to professional level. I would also like to use my knowledge and expertise to uplift athletes and sports teams in poorer communities in South Africa.

My own sporting background
Triathlon - I competed at a national and international level for 10 years. I no longer compete due to injury. At the moment I just mountainbike and swim to keep fit.

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
I have too many to write down here! I am a sports fanatic - especially tour de france, rugby, athletics, tennis, swimming, olympics....

My favourite foods
I love food!

Other things of interest about me
I love reading, mountainbiking, travelling, cooking, watching sport, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.