Class of 2012

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Ashley Armstrong

City & country of residence
Belleville, Canada

My work
I am a Registered Dietitian at Belleville General Hospital. I mostly work as an out-patient dietitian, Working with individuals of all ages with Diabetes, CVD, HTN and GI disorders. I also have the opportunity to work with in-patients, dealing with diffe

My current sports nutrition practice
Currenly in combination with dietary counselling for children, adults and seniors, I also discuss the benefits of pysical activity and current recommendations. With my patient's I help them brainstorm ways to incorporate a variety of pysical activity into

My goals in sports nutrition
My ultimate goal would be to help promote athletics and optimal nutrition to international athletes from under developed communities. I would also like to use my clinical skills and work with althetes with severe allergies, Type 1 diabetes or GI disorders

My own sporting background
When I was younger I figure skated for many years and also played softball and hard ball and have always been a swimmer. Through high school I also ran, but never saw the enjoyment of it until may last year of high school. From there, I fell in love with running. I competed in varsity cross country and track and field during undergrad, but now compete recreationally in local races. My main distance is 10km - 1/2 marathon, however I have now discovered a new love of triathlons and my goal is to complete a 1/2 ironman within the next 2 years.

Other things of interest about me
I lived in Japan for a year teaching English and from there moved to Sydney Australia to do my Masters in Exercise and Sport Science. I love traveling and exploring and hope to live in many other countries in the future. I also have a love of music and