Class of 2012

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Shara Smith

City & country of residence
Cork, Ireland

My work
I currently teach Sports Nutrition on a part-time basis

My current sports nutrition practice
Educating people about nutrition myths, it's a constant battle against media hype!

My goals in sports nutrition
To help my students achieve their goals

My own sporting background
I enjoy a variety of sports, I've completed the famous Ring of Kerry long distance cycle a few times, I also enjoy participating in sprint triathlons and long distance running, tennis. I'm hoping to start doing some trail running next year.

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
Katie Taylor winning an Olympic gold for Ireland, seeing the paralympics become so successful and the athletes competing in these events is great especially in 2012.

My favourite foods
Sushi, chocolate.....

Other things of interest about me
ISAK level 1 Anthropometrist