Class of 2012

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Holly Heartz

City & country of residence
Fredericton, Canada

My work
I am a registered dietitian working as a consulting dietitian in private practice with a focus on sports nutrition. I also work with River Valley Health as an acute care dietitian on orthopedic, family medicine and CCU units.

My current sports nutrition practice
My interest in sports nutrition has led me to pursue a Masters of Science in Exercise Sport and Science which included courses in exercise physiology, advanced exercise nutrition, and sports psychology. My thesis topic is comparison of three dietary inta

My goals in sports nutrition
To increase my knowledge and expertise in sports nutrition through the IOC Diploma of Sports Nutrition. I would like to be involved when the local university may initiate a Performance Enhancement Team and I would like to obtain more work in sports nutri

My own sporting background
I have always been active. In my early years I was a swimmer. Throughout junior and high school I played volleyball and was involved in horseback riding. Due to an injury I now rely on walking, short jogging bouts and weight lifting.

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
When my son was awarded top goaltender in his last year of competitive hockey

My favourite foods
Salads, cheesecake and white wine.

Other things of interest about me
I am married with 2 grown children. I am a grandmother to 18 mo old Norah. I have 2 large Bernese Mountain Dogs: Asia is 3.5 year old & 110lb and Rin (who's in the photo with me) is 18 mo old & 130lb (he still thinks he's a 50lb puppy)