Class of 2014

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Jeanette Blanks

City & country of residence
Stanley, Hong Kong

My work
I run my own clinic and practice as a primary care provider in Hong Kong. I am a fully qualified Western medical herbalist and naturopath and am registered in the UK and Australia through the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) and the Natio

My current sports nutrition practice
I am a keen triathlete and many of my clients (and sporting colleagues) come to my practice seeking sports nutrition advice.

My goals in sports nutrition
Initially, I would like to work within the triathlon community in Asia.

My own sporting background
I am a distance runner and triathlete. I grew up on San Francisco, where I spent most of my evenings and weekends running on the beach or in the woods up and down the peninsula. I also did a great deal of mountain biking on those same wooded trails!

My favourite foods
I love Mexican food and miss it immensely, as it's nearly impossible to get a good Mexican meal ANYWHERE in Asia!

Other things of interest about me
I am a California native. I left the States to live in Japan when I was 21 and stayed there for a year teaching English. I returned to the States and worked in investment banking and was sent all over the world with my company. From 1995-present, I hav