Class of 2015

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Rebecca Jones

City & country of residence
Wellington, New Zealand

My work
I am currently working as a private practice Sports Dietitian working with recereational and elite athletes.

My current sports nutrition practice
I have been advising clients for endurance and multi-sport based activities e.g. iron man, distance cycling and marathons. In addition to this I also see clients for general health and exercise for recreational activities and gym.

My goals in sports nutrition
Assist athletes for elite level stage e.g. World Championships or Olympics

My own sporting background
I have always enjoyed participating in sport, both individual and team events. 100m sprint, tennis, hockey, swimming, skiing, yoga, half marathons...The current thing is triathlon and I'm really enjoying the diversity in my training.

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
Huge list of sporting heroes, mostly from growing up when playing lots of sport as a child and teenager, including Linford Christie, Steffi Graf, Jane Sixsmith.

My favourite foods
Being a Dietitian I love most foods! But my favourite list would include sushi, pasta, fruit particularly Feijioa and chocolate!

Other things of interest about me
In any spare time i have i enjoy watching movies and learning to play the ukulele.