Class of 2016

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Colette Muller

City & country of residence
Rainier, USA

My work
I currently work with mostly military members with a focus on tactical operations requirements, and injury prevention and recovery. I also work with recreational athletes through my private practive called Eat for Action.

My current sports nutrition practice
I am currently working as the Health Promotion dietitian for Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico. I work with all members, including spouses, dependents and retirees. I am also a 1st Lt. in the Air National Guard as a public affiars officer. I'm gratef

My goals in sports nutrition
Continue to help build and improve the sports nutrition program for U.S military forces, fire, police and other special operators

My own sporting background
Recreational runner, I love to hike and backpack, I road bike quite a bit, and I run in at least 3-4 mud runs a year. I'm also

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
My heroes are the men and women that I work with everyday. Ordinary people who push themselves through extreme physical demands to protect others and to survive.

My favourite foods
I love fresh foods; fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices. I'm a fan of anything that has a lot of fresh flavors. I've drank the kool-aid, so to speak, although I can't remember the last time I had kool-aid :) And I also appreciate a good glass of

Other things of interest about me
Gardening, general aviation flying, construction/renovation projects

Highlights of my year
1. Getting engaged 2. Moving from working with regular military to special operations