Class of 2016

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Sheryl Ross

City & country of residence
Milton, Canada

My work
Triathlon Coach and Kinesiologist

My current sports nutrition practice
I work directly with local sports teams including swim teams and gymnastics teams for their nutritional planning.

My goals in sports nutrition
Becoming IOC certified and able to work with more high profile athletes as well as clients for health.

My own sporting background
National level competitive swimmer in the past, currently competing in triathlons ranging from Sprint distance to full Ironman distance.

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
The father who pushed his wheelchair bound son through an entire Ironman race.

My favourite foods
Quinoa salad, rice paper wraps, and organic muslix cereal topped with almonds and walnuts.

Other things of interest about me
All things of interest to a 7-year old girl (my daughter)!

Highlights of my year
Qualifying for Age Group World Championships for Olympic distance triathlon in Chicago next year.