Class of 2016

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Leslie Martin

City & country of residence
North Vancouver, Canada

My work
Sport Conditioning Coach at Twist Conditioning Inc.

My current sports nutrition practice
My current practice in sport nutrition is providing clients and athletes with pre, during and post training basic nutritional recommendations. I often use my own personal experience as an athlete as well as my personal holistic approach to food & nutrient

My goals in sports nutrition
My own experience as an elite athlete has taught me that the margins for success in highly competitive environments are very thin, and in my opinion, sport nutrition is a key aspect of an athletes' development that is often undervalued. My goal in pursuin

My own sporting background
Throughout my childhood I was fortunate to experience a wide variety of sports and physical activities including but not limited to: highland dancing, volleyball, basketball, swimming, figure skating and gymnastics. My competitive sporting background predominantly lies in soccer. I began playing soccer at the age of 9, which for a competitive player, is very late. I was instantly hooked. I loved soccer so much that I my single goal was to simply be the best player that I could. However, like in all sports, that was not an easy task. My soccer career had many setbacks and challenges including being placed on the lowest leveled team in the province when I was thirteen. To this day I am so thankful for all those challenges as they only confirmed my love for soccer and were invaluable life lessons. At the age of fourteen, I was selected to play on a team at the highest league level in the province, culminating 4 years later with me ultimately captaining the team in my final year and earning a full scholarship to play on South Carolina State University varsity women's soccer team. Post graduation I have continued to play soccer in the British Columbia Metro Women’s Premier League as well as a recreational basketball league.

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
My favourite sporting hero would have to be Jay DeMerit. I am a big believer in taking the approach in life of “jumping off the deep end and learning to swim as you go”; setting big goals and working hard to achieve them. Jay DeMerit displays this in spa

My favourite foods
I love raspberries. I say daily that if I could fulfill all of my nutritional needs from raspberries, I would be the happiest girl alive. Aside from raspberries, I currently really enjoy meals to be filled with quinoa, legumes and, with the changing seaso

Other things of interest about me
One of my great life passion’s is traveling. I love to travel, experience and immerse myself into new places and cultures. Soccer aside, my favourite part of being on the South Carolina State University soccer team was living in a different country for fo

Highlights of my year
Major highlights in my last year firstly, would be graduating from South Carolina State University. It represented the culmination my goal to play Div 1 NCAA soccer while studying at a US college. The second highlight of my last year was successfully acq