Class of 2013

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Jennifer Mulock

City & country of residence
Kelowna, Canada

My work
I currently work in a residential care facility as a dietitian and food service manager. I have also recently started a private practice doing primarily nutrition consulting for assisted living facilities.

My current sports nutrition practice
I am currently not working in the field of sports nutrition, however it has always been a huge interest (which is why I am taking this course). I have had several opportunities through school and my dietetic internship to counsel teams and athletes on bas

My goals in sports nutrition
My short term goals are to successfully complete this course and begin to gain as much practical experience as possible. I would also like to do some research, perhaps through one of the MS conversion options. In the long term I would really like to work

My own sporting background
I have always had a personal interest in competitive team sports. In high school it was volleyball, but my interest shifted as soon as I played my first rugby game! Since then I played 5 years of varsity rugby at Acadia Univerity and represented my province in 2 national championships. Lately I've taken a little break from rugby and have been taking a liking to Bikram yoga. Very different from rugby, but a nice change!

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver! Go Canada Go!!! However, the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand might top it since I plan to be there for some of it!!!

My favourite foods
Any ethnic foods...Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian...YUMMY!

Other things of interest about me
I LOVE to travel and have been very fortunate to have had many opportunities to do so. I can only hope that my career