Class of 2011

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Erik Sesbreno

City & country of residence
Cornwall, Canada

My work
I have worked as a consulting Registered Dietitian in various institutional settings. I have provided treatment plans to manage diseases through nutritional means, assisted in the assessment and management of dysphagia, assisted in the development of the

My current sports nutrition practice
I have worked with professional, amateur and recreational athletes across a wide range of sports such as mixed martial arts, hockey, adventure racing, soccer, boxing, basketball, swimming and power lifting.

My goals in sports nutrition
To improve my clinical competence and assessment skills in sport nutrition, help develop a professional integrated network in sport nutrition as well as contribute to sport nutrition education in Canada.

My own sporting background
I have participated in various organized sports such as basketball and martial arts.

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen as well as George St Pierre. They remind me that collaboration and personal drive are necessary for self improvement and for achieving long standing success.

My favourite foods
Coffee, poutine and macaroni casserole.

Other things of interest about me
I enjoy the outdoors and travelling to other countries. Although I no longer compete in organized sports, I enjoy staying active by incorporating running and weight training into my weekly schedule.