Class of 2011

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Alejandra Castellanos

City & country of residence
Mexico City, Mexico

My work
Private Practice

My current sports nutrition practice
Triathlon training

My goals in sports nutrition
Give the adequate orientation to the people that want to become healthier and to athletes that are interested in having a balanced nutrition for an excellent performance and personal goal achievement.

My own sporting background
I danced classical ballet almost all of my life, then switched to contemporary dance. In the middle I was on my school and sports club swimming team. Nowadays, due the lack of time, I had to switch to something more flexible with schedules... So now I'm passionate about triathlon and began to train last year.

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
9 years old, first gold medal, 50 M backstroke. Last competition my grandfather attended.

My favourite foods
Love food in all its versions

Other things of interest about me
I'm very interested in childhood obesity as it is one of the major public health problems in my country. I love photography, diving, traveling and animals.