Class of 2011

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Sarah Dunkley

City & country of residence
Burnham, United Kingdom

My work
Working towards becoming a qualified nutritionist, which means getting 2 years work experience, if anyone knows of any opportunities and needs an extra pair of hands then let me know!

My current sports nutrition practice
Studying is the limit so far, I am practising my consultation skills with a friend and fine tuning my paper work that I will eventually use.

My goals in sports nutrition
I would really like to work at the grass roots, both at school and university varsity team level at which point children and young adults are becoming more interested in their sports and will benefit from general and sport specific advice to help them mai

My own sporting background
I have played badminton since I was about 8, playing for Middlesex Junior County and then going on to captain Bournemouth University Ladies. I currently play for a couple of clubs and am trying out for Bucks County in September. I also like to dabble in other sports, currently developing my skills in squash (a recent find that I can't believe I haven't tried until now!) and swimming. I enjoy getting groups together and playing big group sports like ultimate frisbee or mixed netball as these are great fun and keep you fit.

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
Has to be Kelly Holmes winning the double gold or Jess Ennis winning the heptathlon, both great, home grown role models who really motivate me to play my sport to my best. Seeing our ladies in the football World Cup in Germany was also a landmark.

My favourite foods
My all time favourite meal is spaghetti, tined tuna, sweetcorn and tinned tomatoes with a squeeze of lemon juice! This meal got me through uni and it never fails to quench the hunger!

Other things of interest about me
I like to get out and try new things, my recent attempts have included wake boarding where I experienced some minor whiplash but this has not deterred me! I am a badminton geek and whenever it is covered on TV, it is such a rare occurrence that I am stuck