Class of 2011

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Maaike Enthoven-Albrink

City & country of residence
Uitgeest, Netherlands

My work
I work as a dietitian in a Diabetes Care System, where I give individual and group counselling/guidance for Diabetic patients and discuss their year monitoring with them. Within the Diabetes Care System is a Diabetes Research Center. At the present I work

My current sports nutrition practice
During groupcouncelling I teach the participants some lessons about exercise and sports and the influence on their health, bloodglucose and cholesterol and so on.

My goals in sports nutrition
I'm interested in eating problems. I graduated my bachelor's degree on 'Eating disorders with obesity'. I would like to become a professional in sports nutrition specialized in eating disorders. I'm looking forward to work together with sportpsychologists

My own sporting background
I have been running for a long time now. I started when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I still love medium and long distance running. I do this every week. I also go spinning 1-2 times a week. In the winter I love to skate. And for about 4 years I play tennis. In summer I like to go mountainbiking and sailing as well. I've played Volleyball for a short period. Every winter I go skiing.

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
Ellen van Langen winning in 1992 at the Olympics. Olympic gold for Dutch female swimming team 4x 100 m in Peking. My last 'sporting' moment was walking the 'Nijmeegse vierdaagse'. This is a 4 day walk of 50 k's a day, so 200 k's in 4 days. Never expecte

My favourite foods
I love the Dutch stew in winter, 'speculaas' (= Dutch biscuit), bread, fruit, desserts, soup, and so on...

Other things of interest about me
I love to read (Dan Brown, Karin Slaughter, Khaled Hosseini, Stieg Larsson), shop, travel, go to the movies, meet my friends and go out for diner.