Class of 2009

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Romina Garavaglia

City & country of residence
Martinez, Argentina

My work
I have my private practice for the last 5 years where I usually work with recreational people and professinal athletes. I also work for URBA (Rugby Union of Buenos Aires) with youth and mayor state teams. And for the Brazilian field hockey male and femal

My current sports nutrition practice
My latest and new "job" is being MOM. My first son was born, Joaquín, in September 2007.

My goals in sports nutrition
My goal is to keep learning about what I love most, that´s sport nutrition. And to bring FRESH & NEW information to my country, where is too difficult to grow in this area.

My own sporting background
I had played field hockey (as wing) for 21 years... till I get pregnant. Met through the years a lot of nice people and met also my husbund (a 3-row rugby-union-player).

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
What I love best is being with my son and husband.

My favourite foods
My favourites foods are 2. First: "Dulce de leche" pancakes. Second: Meet balls with tomato sauce and boiled potatos. Here in Argentina we call it "Guiso de papa con albóndigas!" (boiled potatoes with tomato sauce and meat balls)

Other things of interest about me
Every time I have free, even holidays! I enjoy reading about sports nutrition or anthropometry! I´m a workaholic!!