Class of 2008

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Damian Serban

City & country of residence
Bucharest, Romania

My work
I’m specialist in family medicine. For three years I’ve been a nutrition and fitness editor for Men’s Health magazine. I wrote two fitness books. I’m a massage therapist, an acupuncture specialist, a fitness instructor and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Ed

My current sports nutrition practice
I have a small company, Superfit Expert, providing nutrition and fitness consulting, especially to overweight and underweight people. In the near future, I wish to extend my activity, as sports nutritionist for performance athletes.

My goals in sports nutrition
During medical school I discovered the interest for sports nutrition, so I started to “feed” this passion by reading, and later, by writing articles in fitness magazines and counseling athletes (and “regular” people) about optimum nutrition, weight loss a

My own sporting background
I’ve tried many sports: swimming, skating, fencing, but my favourite was judo. I’ve practiced judo and Jiu-Jitsu for 5 years, in school and as a student. At the same time I’ve started to do weight training. In the last years I’ve done fitness trainings and for two years I started to run. Last year I participated in three marathons and this year in two marathons and three halfmarathons.

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
My friend, Vlad - finishing Ironman European Championship, last year in Frankfurt. He motivated me to switch from weight training to endurance, and to participate to marathons.

My favourite foods
All kind of fruit, especially water melon; pizza; mousaka; grilled chicken meat and “mici” – this is a Romanian meal, made from mixed beef, pork and sheep meat, cooked on hot coals.

Other things of interest about me
My wife Carmen and I, have a 3 year-old daughter, named Dora. I try to spend as much time as I can with them both. We have two Birman cats. I’m very interested in computers, especially in webdesign.