Class of 2008

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Dara Morgan

City & country of residence
Co Louth, Ireland

My work
I am a Dietitian and worked primarily in the field of public health nutrition for more than 10 years before setting up my own nutrition consultancy business in 2007. My primary focus is now sports nutrition.

My current sports nutrition practice
I am relatively new to the field of sports nutrition but am enjoying exploring this exciting area of nutrition. Over the last two years, I have been working with rugby and Gaelic Football teams. I also work with clients on an individual basis from a bro

My goals in sports nutrition
To learn as much as I can about the science of sports nutrition and its practical application so that I can work confidently with sportspeople in helping them optimise their sports performance. To expand the range of sports that I currently work with.

My own sporting background
Compared to many of my fellow students, it's pretty pathetic really. I think I may have won the sack race on sports day in primary school :) I have always enjoyed recreational running and adore hiking in the beautiful Cooley Peninsula where I live. Most of my running these days admittedly is after my two children ;)

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
The 2005 European Champions League Final is one that sticks in my mind. So hard to choose as so many amazing sporting moments......My brother completed his first marathon this year - a year ago he could barely run 3 miles. That was a great sporting mome

My favourite foods
Green and Blacks Chocolate with a cappachino coffee from the Italian cafe in the Epicurean Food Hall, Dublin is the closest thing to heaven on earth. I couldn't live without my daily dose of marmite.

Other things of interest about me
I'm married to Paul, my soulmate, since 2001 and we have two little girls - Eve aged nearly 5 and Isobel aged 3 years. They are the centre of my world and make me laugh lots EVERY day.