Class of 2008

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Kellie Hogan

City & country of residence
Brisbane, Australia

My work
I am fortunate to work in a diverse range of settings as both a Public Health Nutritionist with a health promotion focus and as a Sports Dietitian. I work part time as the senior project manager on the Nutrition in Schools Advisory Service at a non govern

My current sports nutrition practice
I am currently consultant Dietitian to the Queensland Academy of Sport\'s Men and Women’s Hockey, Cycling, Triathlon, and Basketball programs. I work with a professional Rugby League Team, the Gold Coast Titans and I also tutor at Queensland University of

My goals in sports nutrition
To improve my knowledge in skills in all areas related to sports nutrition so that I can assist athletes of all age groups and all levels achieve the best possible outcome. I would dearly like to apply my professional skills to athletes in a wide variety

My own sporting background
My background is in Netball (A little bit like basketball for those international people who may not have heard of netball). I was lucky enough to represent my state but unfortunately my teenage aspirations to play for Australia had to be put to rest when I realised that the growth spurt I had in my early teens putting me head and shoulders above my team mates was a one off and unfortunately I got well and truly overtaken!

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
I love all sport, so it’s hard to name just one moment to be honest. I have to say I do get a kick out of athletes I work with winning medals at Commonwealth Games, world championships etc, but I also really admire the non professional or younger athletes

My favourite foods
I love seafood and thanks to a few European visits recently, anything that resembles cheese, dark bread and good coffee.