Class of 2008

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Beatrice Boullosa

City & country of residence
Mexico City, Mexico

My work
Nutritionist of the gym “Club Ten”; Adviser of the GSSI; Adviser of The Mexican Alliance for a Healthy Life Style; Coordinator of the division area of Sports Nutrition of the Mexican Association of Nutritionist (“Colegio Mexicano de Nutriologos” in Span

My current sports nutrition practice
I have my own private practice at the gym “Club Ten” since 2000 where I work with people that are just beginning to exercise or with dedicated athletes of Triathlon, Ironman and so. As an adviser of the GSSI I educate athletes and trainers about sports n

My goals in sports nutrition
To successfully graduate from de IOC Diploma To work with an Olympic team such as Triathlon, Marathon or Swimming

My own sporting background
I have tried plenty of sports: swimming, triathlon, marathon, tennis, paddle, weight training but what I like most is to skip the rope every single day.

My favourite sporting moment or heroes
When I crossed the finish line at the N.Y City Marathon “few” hours after the Mexican runner Adriana Fernandez had cross it winning the first place.

My favourite foods
Sushi and Italian Food

Other things of interest about me
I studied theatre and I have participated in some theatre plays and in one movie. I like to travel a lot and learn about different cultures, especially try their traditional food.